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Our Story

We failed at fixed wing flying and thought drones were cool, but there must be more to their usage than selfies of young adults, mountain bikes and sunsets on craggy cliffs.

So we sought to make drones useful to first responders, marketing people and other grown-up professions.

We keep fiddling around with modular concepts, radical holds and releases, and the requirements of people who talk to us.  Talk to us.

Meet the Team

We partner with you and your colleagues.

You are the team.

The guy who runs the place here and sets priorities is Peter Farnsworth.

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Peter Farnsworth


Our Approach:  Add value to your investment

We have an approach that takes our design failures and successes and applies them to your situation.  We have probably built 100 release mechanism prototypes and 20 platform designs and another 50 design drawings thinking through "Would this work? For what situation?"

We've applied for patents on 20, and have just gotten started.

Back to the first sentence:  We have crashed a lot of different drones, broken propellers, sank 1 and suffered broken arms and brackets along the way.  We've learned from those errors.

For example, no drone out there comes with a speaker on it.  We learned magnets in the speaker mess up the compass, GPS, etc. and cause unpredictable crashes.   But we have now solved that because we think a speaker on our platforms is important in many situations.

Our approach is to listen, design, build and provide you a prototype that meets your needs for almost no cost.  Why? Because you (and your peers) will come back for more once you see it adding value..

Thinker about future drone applications, 3D designer, Remote Pilot Certification, loving grandfather, father and husband, code writer, world-class CFO, capital markets banker and cash flow realist.

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