Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here's a smattering of the questions we're asked...

Why is it called a "Platform"?

A platform is a staging area for things to get done.  Like a diving platform, or a platform where things go on or off a train, or in software terms, it describes an standard arrangement that can work with various plug-ins.  But it's not a platform on which the drone physically rests: It's underneath.

What are their characteristics?

    • They are 100% independent of the drone itself
    • You choose its material: lightweight aluminum or sturdy plastic
    • Corrosion-resistant body and fasteners
    • Patented radio-controlled release mechanisms
    • Switches or dials for each function you request
    • It is easy to attach and/or remove different platform
    • We take a modular approach to your needs.
    • We can suggested some designs for your application

Is the "Platform" part of the drone?

It is fastened under your drone, but is not otherwise connected to your drone... unless that's what you want (we can do this for certain drones).  It has its own separate receiver and transmitter/console.

How does the Platform do its work?

Either you hold a separate transmitter with joysticks and switches, or we have put all that in a flat "console" for you.  You use the labeled switches to initiate the action on the Platform.  If you have a camera on the Platform, you use a joystick to pan and tilt it.

Does it have its own power supply?

Yes, but...on many drones, you can hook into its power supply to eliminate extra battery weight.  If that is not easy or convenient, we use a relatively small battery of our own on the Platform to execute commands.

How much can they carry?

The manufacturer of your drone publishes payload weight limitations which dictate what you can carry.   We will suggest to you the weight limit that's best.  We aim to go well below 'published' maximums because the drone will not be easily maneuvered and have very limited flight time under its max all-in-takeoff-weight.

For example, what can a DJI Phantom 4 carry?

DJI reports that this popular drone can't carry anything besides its camera.  Having said that, we have tested lightweight platform elements and they work as long as they are affixed below or to the side of the camera gimbal.

How much do your Platforms cost?

Please see our "pricing" page, thanks.